[3 min watch] Must-have equipment for skin cancer surgery

Do you see patients with skin cancer concerns in your primary care practice and would like to provide surgical treatments to address their skin issues in a timely manner? In this short video, Associate Professor Tony Dicker gives expert advice on the must-have equipment a medical practitioner needs to perform skin cancer surgery in a general or skin cancer practice.

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Watch the short video now:

In the video, A/Prof Dicker gives practical advice on the must-have equipment a doctor should have available when performing skin cancer surgery, especially if you are just starting out providing surgical skin cancer treatments. He outlines the necessary and nice-to-have equipment he uses in his own clinic.

A/Prof Dicker recommends the use of a hyfrecator, which is utilised for electrosurgery in which a current is used to heat up and destroy tissue. A/Prof Dicker says he uses a hyfrecator in 80-90 per cent of the procedures he performs in primary care. He discusses the benefits of using this tool for skin cancer surgery, including its uses for minimising bleeding.

The video also looks at the value of investing in high-quality equipment for improving your skin cancer care.

A/Prof Dicker outlines needles, needle holders and sutures and gives his advice for what equipment to choose for your skin cancer work.

Watch all this and much more in the full video above!

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