[4 min watch] Top tips for catching difficult melanomas

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“Even the best decision-making algorithms are not going to catch all the melanomas!” Skin Cancer Doctor Hamilton Ayres offers his top tips for catching difficult melanomas, especially those that don’t display many clues.

He discusses how primary care and skin cancer doctors can assess patient history, become efficient at taking biopsies, and give their patients the utmost peace of mind and the best possible outcomes.

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One comment on “[4 min watch] Top tips for catching difficult melanomas

  1. Hi Hamilton.. point for newbies is just improve your knowledge and experience much as possible. Be enthusiastic & positive at what you are doing. You have a real chance of saving lives here.
    Your general comments are spot on Hamilton. Something new comers need take on board.
    My recent experience with a 3mm diameter spitzoid melanoma on a 54 year patient. PSL appeared less than 1year ago. I found it before Xmas. Using my Heine Delta 30, I was totally convinced in less than 1 second it was. I stood on my 25 years of experience N training. Algorithms weak assistance. Negative for any benign features. Couldn’t say there was much chaos but did have some clues. History screamed at me this PSL should not be benign.
    Excision 2mm margins. Path report junctional nevus with regression, didn’t cut the mustard with me even the slightest. Recommended deeper cuts and stains… yeap … Spitzoid melanoma Breslow 0.2 mm. Pathology difficult as these lesions can be very benign in appearance, and clinically IF you don’t have good pattern analysis experience, AND take a bloody good history!! Understand potential limitations of histopath!