Skin History, Skin Checks and Best Protocol

The alumni sessions are part of our learning support program for past course participants and give you the opportunity to refresh and consolidate your skills, review cases with the course presenter and ask questions in a supportive environment. In this online learning session, Professor David Wilkinson goes through all key aspects of the best protocol for skin checks, including the first patient consultation, taking the skin history, performing a full-body skin examination, and the next steps.

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4 comments on “Skin History, Skin Checks and Best Protocol

  1. What will be the doctor’s medicolegal responsibility if he finds a lesion on the scalp very suggestive of seborrheic keratoses and then one year later, the patient goes to another doctor, who excised it and the histopathology states that it is SCC arising from Seborrheic keratoses? Any time frame that a seborrheic keratoses csan turn into an SCC? Thanks.

  2. Seb keratosis does not turn into SCC. If you make a firm, clinical diagnosis of a seb k, and record that clearly in your clinical notes, that should protect you legally. Nobody can fairly claim that the SCC was there all the time.