[2 min read] Power and utility of AI in skin cancer diagnosis | Prof David Wilkinson

This month I am sharing a fascinating paper from the Nature journal that expands – and challenges – our understanding of the power and utility of artificial intelligence (AI) in skin cancer diagnosis.

It is well worth reading the short abstract, and if you are especially interested, look carefully through the whole paper, so that you can understand how this research is done.

In short, what this paper shows us is that the new AI technologies work well on carefully developed and curated image banks, but less so on “real world” images.

What really stands out is one image on which the AI changed its diagnosis from melanoma to naevus, simply when the image was rotated!

Now, no doubt, these AI models will get more powerful, as time progresses, and as more images are fed into the systems, and as they learn more.

Read the full paper.

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