[3 min read] Artificial Intelligence in clinical practice

This month, we touch on Artificial Intelligence (AI) again, because this is such a fast-moving and fascinating field. Two very well written and short pieces are worth looking at and considering.

First, Fujisawa et al reports how their AI has been developed using relatively very few images, and has achieved “better than dermatologist” level diagnostic accuracy.

Secondly, a very thoughtful piece by Janda et al considers how AI might actually be used in clinical practice. What do you think?

If we peer into the future, my bet is that before long we will have AI that is remarkably accurate and that can be trained and developed with a small number of images. Indeed the R&D on this is well underway around the world.

We will have access to a device that will tell us with very high accuracy what the lesion is, and what we should do with it. How would we, as GPs, use that? Where would it fit in our work flow? Would we still need to biopsy? If so, when?

Professor David Wilkinson

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