Skin Cancer Update with Prof Giuseppe Argenziano [June 2018]

In this month’s skin cancer update video, Professor Giuseppe Argenziano discusses the morphology and diagnostic clues of three common benign non-pigmented tumours of the nail.

  1. Onychopapilloma is one of the most common benign non-pigmented tumours affecting the nail. It shares morphological similarities with Bowen’s disease, posing a diagnostic challenge for clinicians.
  2. Onychomatricoma typically presents as a white line on the nail bed. However, dermoscopically, it can be identified by a fusiform thickening marked by honeycomb-like spaces containing white to yellowish material and sometimes containing red to black pigment.
  3. Glomus tumours are represented by a pinkish-blueish discolouration of the nail, accompanied by pain.

Giuseppe discusses how clinicians can differentiate these conditions in the video below:

To learn more from Prof Giuseppe Argenziano:

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