How is artificial intelligence changing skin cancer medicine?

Our article of interest this month is a paper that I urge everyone to read and think about carefully. Abbott and Smith explore key issues about rapidly developing artificial intelligence technology and its likely / possible application and use in skin cancer medicine, both by patients and clinicians.

We have all heard about artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, but I doubt we really appreciate what is happening. I see this in my academic work, and it is quite incredible. Machines are now learning (themselves) and not just doing lots of computing. In this article the authors reflect on a remarkable paper from Stanford showing AI that is as accurate as a dermatologist. Just imagine what might happen as the technology matures and develops further.

In your practice, how might you use a camera with an app that instantly gave you a highly accurate diagnosis on the lesion you are looking at? How would that change your practice, if at all?

This is coming – so it is worth a read!

Read the full paper here.

Professor David Wilkinson

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