How do you manage dysplastic nevi in your practice?

Our article of interest this month is from the Australasian Journal of Dermatology, and deals with the important issue of managing dysplastic nevi. The authors surveyed Australian dermatologists to ask how they manage reports of dysplasia, and especially when margins are reported to be involved.

In short, the findings were:

  • Mild dysplasia with involved margins – about half would re-excise
  • Moderate dysplasia with involved margins – most would re-excise
  • Severe dysplasia with involved margins – all would re-excise, either with narrow margins or with 5mm.

For us as GPs, this is a useful insight. As we have discussed before in these forums, it is wise to consider severe dysplastic nevi as potentially being in situ melanoma and re-excising with 5mm margins. Mild and moderate dysplasia should be re-excised only if margins are involved.

Read the full paper here.

Professor David Wilkinson

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