[Review] Skin Cancer Summit and Masterclasses 2017

Skin Cancer Summit & Masterclasses

26 – 29 July 2017, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

The 9th Skin Cancer Summit and Masterclasses saw international thought leaders in skin cancer medicine converge in Brisbane to collaborate with GPs from across Australia.


Watch the highlights video here:

The first masterclass on Dermoscopy featured Harald Kittler, Iris Zaluadek and Cliff Rosendahl. Highlights of the masterclass included a discussion of revised pattern analysis, how to recognise and manage high risk BCCs (including some new methods), and epithelial proliferations including AK, IEC, SCC, BCC, SEBK and rare lesions. Each speaker held a session on dermatopathology correlations before the class was split into thirds and the speakers rotated in small groups to discuss challenging case scenarios.

From the feedback we’ve received, the Dermoscopy Masterclass with Professors Harald Kittler, Iris Zalaudek and Cliff Rosendahl prior to the Summit was a great success. In case you missed it, a recording of the masterclass is now available online. You can view and replay all sessions at your convenience.

The second masterclass focused on difficult dilemmas in surgery, with Con Pappas presenting theory and practical sessions. The theory sessions included discussion on poorly defined tumours, large tumour defects, defects with cross cosmetic zones, defects in difficult anatomical areas, and surgical solutions using combined closure techniques. Delegates were then given the opportunity to try some of these techniques in a practical session.

The masterclass also featured Tony Azzi discussing difficult cases in a novel way. Delegates had the opportunity to draw their approach to cases on an iPad which could be seen on the big screen and discussed further as a group.

The first say of the Summit began with Harald Kittler discussing “what we don’t know” about pigmented lesions – especially the “grey zone” in melanoma morphology. Next, Iris Zalaudek demonstrated how a dermatoscope can be used beyond just diagnosing lesions, including as a tool for marking out surgical margins in complex cases. Then, Nikolass Hass’s compelling discussion of BRAF and the new therapies for melanoma gave delegates a firm grasp on the complex subject.

Mark Smithers and his colleagues, Gerard Bayley and Tavis Read, covered essential aspects of melanoma surgery. Mark discussed surgery of the lymph nodes and the evidence for and against its value, Gerard spoke about surgery on unusual sites such as the head and neck, and Tavis covered management of in-transit metastases.

This was followed by an outstanding presentation on the role and responsibilities of the Professional Services Review from its new Director, Julie Quinlivan.

The first day ended with two state-of-the-art presentations from Harald Kittler on melanoma precursors and Iris Zalaudek on managing patients with multiple moles.

Day two of the Skin Cancer Summit began with a series of fascinating talks covering novel methods of skin cancer diagnostics and imaging. Talks by Helmut Schaider, Anna Finane, Mitchell Stark and Claudia Curchin included discussion on reflectance confocal microscopy, genomics, targeted early detection, and 3D body screening.

Monika Janda gave a comprehensive overview of what we know about the prevention of skin cancer, while Minjae Lah and Candice Deans discussed the underutilisation and underappreciation of radiotherapy as a treatment modality for skin cancer.

In the afternoon, Iris Zalaudek provided an outstanding overview of the diagnosis and treatment of keratinocyte skin cancers. Her session was followed by a series of presentations from Tony Dicker, John Pyne, Cliff Rosendahl and Paul Elmslie on the different models of running a skin cancer practice in primary care.

Live Streaming

This year, we introduced a first for skin cancer conferences in Australia by delivering a live stream of the Summit. Isolated and overseas doctors could access the content in real time, from as close as Singapore and as far away as Canada. The delegates who attended the event in-person can now access a copy of the presentations for future reference.

Gala Dinner

The Skin Cancer Summit closed with a Gala Dinner on the roof of the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. Delegates and their partners were amazed by the master illusionist Matt Hollywood. After his main show, he performed tricks at each of the tables and further wowed guests with some close-up magic. I know my team are still trying to work out his tricks!


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2 comments on “[Review] Skin Cancer Summit and Masterclasses 2017

  1. I must say it was fantastic 4 days!
    amazing speakers and very well managed.
    would certainly be a part of the Summit in 2018

    However, I still cant find videos to the Dermoscopy and surgical masterclass. The link mentioned in above review take me to a page listing all the various courses etc.

    Please advise

    1. Hi Dr Yamdagni, we are so pleased you enjoyed the Summit and look forward to seeing you again next year. The program for our 10th anniversary will certainly be something to look forward to! As to the summit recordings, we are hard at work to upload all footage to our eLearning platform and you will receive a separate notification with an access link in the next couple of days. Apologies for the delay and thank you once again for your feedback – we really appreciate it. Regards, the HealthCert team.