Anti-PD-1 Therapy in Advanced Melanoma

Anti-PD-1 antibodies have clinical activity in several malignancies. However, all previous clinical trials have excluded patients with significant pre-existing autoimmune disorders and only one has included patients with immune-related adverse events with ipilimumab. This study sought to explore the safety and efficacy of anti-PD-1 in such patients with advanced melanoma.

In this retrospective study of 52 melanoma patients with pre-existing autoimmune disease and 67 with major toxicity with prior ipilimumab, anti-PD-1 antibodies induced quite frequent immune toxicities. However, these were often mild, easily managed and did not necessitate discontinuation of therapy, and a significant proportion of patients achieved clinical responses.

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Source: Annals of Oncology

Authors: A. M. Menzies, D. B. Johnson, S. Ramanujam, V. G. Atkinson, A. N. M. Wong, J. J. Park, J. L. McQuade, A. N. Shoushtari, K. K. Tsai, Z. Eroglu, O. Klein, J. C. Hassel, J. A. Sosman, A. Guminski, R. J. Sullivan, A. Ribas, M. S. Carlino, M. A. Davies, S. K. Sandhu & G. V. Long

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