Mohz Micrographic Surgery vs. Wide Local Excision for Melanoma In Situ

A recent research article from Nosrati et al, reports on the outcomes of patients with melanoma in situ, treated by either wide local excision or Mohs micrographic surgery (MMS).

Now, most Australian doctors would not consider this surgery for melanoma in situ – we would follow our national guidelines and excise melanomas with 5mm clinical margins. Many GPs do exactly this – measure out 5mm margins and excise and close, usually with an elipse, or with a flap or graft if necessary.

The study finds no difference in outcomes for WLE versus MMS – outcomes were good in both groups.

MMS is not widely available in Australia – and it is not widely needed either! The very large majority of NMSC and melanoma can be excised safely and effectively using clinical margins – as per our national guidelines – and this paper provides useful data to support that.

David Wilkinson

Click here to download the full paper

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