The Risks and Benefits of Sun Exposure

Public health authorities in the United States are recommending that men, women and children reduce their exposure to sunlight, based on concerns that sun exposure will promote skin cancer. On the other hand, data show that increasing numbers of Americans suffer from vitamin D deficiencies and serious health problems caused by insufficient sun exposure.

The body of science concerning the benefits of moderate sun exposure is growing rapidly and is causing a different perception of sun/UV as it relates to human health. Melanoma and its relationship to sun exposure and sunburn are not adequately addressed in most of the scientific literature. Reports of favourable health outcomes related to adequate serum 25(OH)D concentration or vitamin D supplementation have been inappropriately merged so that benefits of sun exposure other than the production of vitamin D are not adequately described.

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Source: Journal – Dermato-Endocrinology

Authors: David G. Hoel, Marianne Berwick, Frank R. de Gruijl & Michael F. Holick

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