Research Review on Melanoma [December]

A number of articles in the December melanoma research review have a focus on melanoma screening. A randomised clinical trial reported structured skin self-examination intervention for patients with melanoma and their partners may enhance early detection and relieve some of the burden on health services. A French nationwide survey reviewed the opinions and use of dermoscopy and reported it was a useful tool for GPs in melanoma screening. Another study reported reflectance confocal microscopy was a valid method of identifying malignant skin tumours accurately.

Featured in this issue:

  • Impact of melanoma screening in a community practice setting
  • Early detection of new melanomas by patients and their partners using SSE
  • Dermoscopy is a useful tool for GPs in melanoma screening
  • Impact of detection patterns on prognosis of patients with melanoma
  • Risk of second primary malignancies and second primary melanoma among cancer patients in Northern Italy
  • Effects of time interval between primary melanoma excision and SNB on positivity rate and survival
  • Mohs micrographic surgery for MIS of the trunk and proximal extremities
  • Meta-analysis of RCM for the diagnosis of malignant skin tumours
  • Prognostic impact of CHNM location
  • Racial disparities in melanoma survival

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