How a Medical Selfie Could Save Your Life

A growing movement is revolutionising health care: patients take pictures of their medical problems to provide their doctors with information they might use to make the most accurate diagnosis. Queensland University of Technology PhD researcher and former medical photographer Kara Burns says that both patients and doctors can benefit from this “medical selfie” trend.

20150617_1045As some symptoms are transient and not easy to demonstrate in the doctor’s consulting room, photographic evidence can offer highly relevant information that might be missed otherwise and help doctors to better understand their patient’s health status. New research conducted in the United Kingdom also found that patients who take medical selfies feel more confident when talking to their doctor. They are able to present evidence about their health and make sure the doctor takes this into consideration when making a diagnosis.

Medical selfies seem especially useful when monitoring skin spots as they can capture change over time which is a key indication of skin cancer.

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