Recommended reading: A Practical Guide to Skin Cancer in Primary Care by Professor David Wilkinson and Paul Elmslie

Skin Cancer in Primary Care Book“Well, here it is. After teaching my foundations of skin cancer course with HealthCert for 10 years, and with almost 3000 alumni, Paul and I have finally written the book! Many, many doctors ask me “which is the best book for me?”. Well, if you are a mainstream GP, this is it – in my view.

We wrote this because, as far as we could see, there is no such book on the market. And, most patients with skin cancer are treated by GPs. And, it is not easy. The book is simple and straightforward. All evidence based, clear and basic one to keep on your desk.

I hope you like it.”


Skin Cancer in Primary Care:

The book covers all aspects of skin cancer management from practice organisation through to medico-legal issues, diagnosis, treatment, surgical and non-surgical procedures. The aim is to give you highly pragmatic advice, guidance and even instruction on what to do, and when.

Why GPs must buy this book:

GPs are on the front line of skin cancer treatment in Australia and have a vital role to play in treatment. We are the gate-keepers to the rest of the health care system. So, we should aim to treat as many patients in primary care as we can, within our own scope of practice and levels of expertise. We should be able to diagnose the large majority of skin cancers and will be able to carefully coordinate the care that all our patients need and deserve.

Companion website:

The book comes with a companion website and further learning resources, including video demonstrations and downloadable templates for your practice. In the first part of this book, we focus on getting you and your practice organised so that you can treat patients with skin cancer most effectively and safely. We focus first on how to set up your practice. We then consider important medico-legal issues so that you and your patients remain safe, and then we explore the causes and prevention of skin cancer.

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About the authors

David WilkinsonProfessor David Wilkinson

David is registered as a general practitioner and public health medicine specialist and holds academic qualifications at and beyond doctoral level. Since 2004 all his clinical work has focused on skin cancer medicine in primary care. He has published research papers on the topic, designed and led the development of the only master of medicine degree n skin cancer, and helped develop and present a suite of skin cancer short courses delivered by HealthCert.

Paul ElmsliePaul Elmslie

Paul was a pioneer of the original sub-specialised skin cancer clinic model and has built a network of skin cancer referral centres and training facilities across Australia. In 2006, Paul founded HealthCert, a global organisation dedicated to improving access to skin cancer diagnosis and treatment. With more than 6,500 GPs trained across 15 countries, Paul has taken HealthCert to become the world’s leading skin cancer education provider for primary care doctors.

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