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In the blog category “Case Studies” Professor David Wilkinson offers an excellent platform to discuss clinical problems and cases within a closed alumni community. This area is password-protected and only accessible to past HealthCert Certificate course participants.

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[2 min watch] Which sutures should I use?

How do you select the most appropriate suture type for each procedure? A suture’s size or type will vary depending on the situation, and there are several factors to consider including how long they will last for. In this short video, Skin Cancer Doctor Tony Azzi shares his advice and simple rules on the sutures […]

[4 min watch] Managing aesthetic and skin cancer work in a busy general practice

In a busy general practice offering a new range of services often comes with several new associated factors, including booking and managing consultations. In this short video, Aesthetic Doctor Jenny Kimmins shares her advice on managing aesthetic and skin cancer consultations in a busy general practice; starting with having separate consulting times.

[2 min watch] How to choose the right skin biopsy technique


If you perform skin biopsies in your practice, catch Skin Cancer Doctor Hamilton Ayres’ top tips for choosing the right biopsy technique. In this short video, Dr Ayres provides advice on skin cancer management in primary care, including different biopsy procedures for suspicious lesions.

[10 min watch] Skin Cancer Update with Professor Giuseppe Argenziano | September 2020

In this month’s skin cancer update, Professor Giuseppe Argenziano discusses facial and non-facial lentiginous melanoma featuring real-life cases and some of his very own scholarly articles. Professor Argenziano draws on his previous research of lentiginous melanoma as a “newly defined entity”, and explores what you need to know about the special type of melanoma from a […]

[1 min read] New online melanoma risk calculators

melanoma risk calculators

New online melanoma risk calculators help predict melanoma risk and potentially deadly spread. Clinicians and their patients now have access to a series of online calculators which will assist in prevention, early detection and optimum treatment of melanoma, ultimately saving lives.

Case discussion: How would you treat this patient? [14 September]

Case discussion

This week, we have an interesting case discussion from Dr Emanuela Tura featuring: 28 year-old female patient Growing lesion on her back Please review the below images. What is your evaluation, and what would you do next (if anything)?

[2 min read] Field treatments for actinic keratosis | Prof David Wilkinson

actinic keratosis

Treating actinic keratosis is very common in general practice, and especially so in primary care skin cancer medicine. Many patients require treatment of both individual lesions (for example, by cryotherapy) and of the whole field that is affected (for example, the whole face, using a topical treatment, or a field treatment more generally).

Case discussion: How would you treat this patient? [7 September]

Case discussion

In this week’s new case discussion from Dr Terry Harvey, we present a patient who came in for a routine skin check: 34 year-old male patient Asymptomatic lesion on left back Please review the clinical and dermoscopy images. Any thoughts? What about the pigmented lesion noted? Specific thoughts on the dermoscopy?

[2 min watch] My most memorable patient: Dr Tony Dicker

“As doctors we’re not meant to have favourite patients, are we? But we do. That’s reality.” In this short video, Dr Tony Dicker shares his most memorable patient as a skin cancer doctor; a 35-year-old lady pregnant with her first child who came in for a routine skin check, only to be diagnosed with melanoma.

[4 min watch] Tips for managing complications in skin cancer surgery

It is undeniable that all skin cancer doctors face complications during skin cancer surgery, though it is how you manage these complications that will make all the difference. In this short video, Dr Tony Azzi shares his tips for managing complications in skin cancer surgery including taking time to think about any patient factors before […]


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