[7 min watch] Practical advice for conducting skin cancer checks

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“From the moment a patient walks through the door to the time they leave the room, there are many opportunities to do something differently from everybody else.” In this insightful video, course presenter and Skin Cancer Doctor Hamilton Ayres gives his practical advice for conducting skin cancer checks and educating your patients about skin cancer prevention and early detection.

Dr Ayres encourages primary care physicians and skin cancer doctors to ask every patient specifically what has brought them to your door, even if the patient has already indicated they have come to see you for a full-body skin cancer examination or spot check.

He covers some of the important questions you need to ask your patients, and gives some helpful advice for educating your patients about self-checking their own skin and monitoring for changes in between their check-ups with you.

Some of Dr Ayres’ top tips covered in this video include:

  • Don’t talk yourself out of doing a biopsy
  • Some melanomas just ‘sound’ like melanomas
  • No decision-making algorithm is perfect
  • Identify which of your patients has already had a melanoma and ensure their risk of recurrence is mitigated with ongoing care

Hear all this and much more in the full video.

Watch the full video now:

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