Case discussion: How would you treat this patient? [11 July]

This week, we discuss an interesting case from Dr Mokesh Raj. There are no clinical details for this patient, so please evaluate the case based on the dermoscopic image presented.

How would you evaluate this? If you were to do anything next, what would you do?

case discussion


Here is the pathology.

case discussion

– Prof David Wilkinson

We encourage you to participate in the case discussions and submit your own clinical images and questions, so we can all learn together.


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21 comments on “Case discussion: How would you treat this patient? [11 July]

  1. Pigmented skin lesion , very irregular border , no uniform pattern , greyish area , pale / regressing , very suspicious of melanoma , would excise

  2. Although asymmetrical and technically two colours within with poor border – no real clues and has the ‘pore holes” etc.
    Would discuss and probably consider shave with 2mm margin and review

  3. i think it is in face
    there is undamaged skin
    asymmetrical perifollicular hyperpigmentation
    oblitration of hair follicles
    shiny whit

  4. Flat pigmented macule ? on the face Some brown atypical follicular openings + grey with annular granular pigmentation+ romboids+ obliteration of some follicular openings. So a Lentigo Maligna until proved otherwise. Some features that could fit a pigmented actinic k re variable follicules ? rozettes but no scale . The margin is blurred , not sharp like a lentigo/seb K
    IMPRESSION= Lentigo Maligna until proved otherwise, likely on the face
    PLAN= a shave excision if on the face otherwise an excision with 2mm margins.

  5. I would favour 2 discrete lesions (collision) The lower looks more Seb K with white globules, clear edges and the top half looks more sinister for melanoma with central regression Enough for an excisonal biopsy 2-3mm margin.

  6. Very likely seb K with the pattern of white clods and fairly well defined border. However very asymmetric and blue colour. If the macro suggested Seb K I would shave biopsy, if not excision biopsy to exclude melanoma

  7. Without clinical details and a clinical image, of course our approach is limited here. However, the lesion (on dermoscopy) is obviously “suspicious”. It seems to me that a shave biopsy would be an ideal approach here. Why? It looks to be small and flat, and there are 2 distinct aspects to the lesion, so worth getting a biopsy across of all it. Also, it if is not serious / benign (as the result shows) then no damage is done and also the lesion is effectively treated.