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[WEBINAR] Hints for skin cancer surgery below the knee

skin cancer surgery

In this webinar, Dr Tony Dicker discussed performing skin cancer surgery in the difficult area below the knee with practical hints and tips for best results.

[4 min read] Blocking key regulator could treat non-melanoma skin cancers

The outer layer of the skin completely replaces itself every two to four weeks, but when this process is blocked, cancer can grow. A new study from researchers at the University of Pennsylvania has now identified a key regulator of that block known as LSD1, as well as a way to genetically influence the skin […]

[3 min watch] Skin Cancer Update with Prof Giuseppe Argenziano [November 2019]

skin cancer update

In this month’s skin cancer update video, Professor Giuseppe Argenziano discusses the option of removing the crust covering a lesion in-clinic rather than prescribing a topical treatment and asking the patient to come back.

Case discussion: How would you treat this patient? [4 November]

Case discussion

This week we have an interesting case from Dr Colin Armstrong. An 85-year-old male presented for a skin check and suspected for melanoma. Please review the clinical and dermoscopic images below. How would you biopsy this suspicious pigmented lesion on the chest? What is your differential diagnosis?

[5 min read] Unique to Australia: Decline in melanoma mortality

Assessment of trends of melanoma incidence and mortality in Australia reveals a recent plateauing and reduction in melanoma age-standardised mortality1, which is unique to Australia (see figure 1).

Case discussion: How would you treat this patient? [28 October]

Case discussion

This week we have an interesting case. What do you make of the clinical and dermoscopic images below? Is there a differential diagnosis? If so, how would you biopsy?

[4 min read] Personalised nanovaccines for melanoma

A study has found that personalised nanovaccines are safe, well tolerated, and have an effect in melanoma. Porous silicon and adenovirus-based bio-hybrid nanovaccines were developed in a study carried out at the University of Helsinki, providing new insights on the structure and efficacy of these systems as therapeutic cancer nanovaccines. Immunotherapy is revolutionising cancer treatment, […]

Case discussion: How would you treat this patient? [21 October]

Case discussion

This week we have another engaging case. A 65-year-old Caucasian female with no history of melanoma presented for excision of a cyst on her back. A full skin check was done and a pigmented skin lesion was noted on her lower back. How would you respond to this presentation?

[5 min read] How gene variations affect melanoma risk

melanoma risk

Australian scientists have identified a way to help primary care physicians determine a patient’s risk of developing melanoma. A team at The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute uncovered the specific gene variations affecting the number and types of moles that appear on the body, and their role in causing skin cancer.

Case discussion: How would you treat this patient? [14 October]

Case discussion

This week we have another engaging case. A 75-year-old Caucasian Australian male with a past history of solar keratosis and no previous melanoma or significant personal or family history of melanoma. Previously, he worked only indoors. The patient presented for opinion on a darker area of change in an existing “freckle” on his neck that […]


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