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In the blog category “Case Studies” Professor David Wilkinson offers an excellent platform to discuss clinical problems and cases within a closed alumni community. This area is password-protected and only accessible to past HealthCert Certificate course participants.

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[3 min watch] Understanding Medicare billing item numbers

As Medicare continues to implement changes to their procedures and billing item numbers, it is important for general practitioners to understand how these changes might impact daily work. For example, the removal of item number 30195 in November 2018 effected many doctors who used this number to treat solar keratosis with a diathermy device. In […]

Case discussion: How would you treat this patient? [30 November]

Case discussion

This week we present another case from Dr Tim Aung, whose patient came in for a skin check: 70-year-old male Lesion noted behind right ear Please review the clinical and dermoscopic images below. What are your differential diagnoses, and what would you do next?

[2 min read] Skin cancer checks on the scalp | Prof David Wilkinson

scalp DW

A question I am always asked when I teach GPs to do a skin check is “how should we examine the scalp, and how important is this for skin cancer?”. This issue is, of course, how many skin cancers “hide” under hair, how do we examine the scalp under the hair, and how important is […]

Case discussion: How would you treat this patient? [23 November]

Case discussion

This week we feature an interesting case from Dr Uchenna Nweze whose patient presented with a lesion during a skin check: 45-year-old male patient Past history of melanoma What is your assessment? What would you do (if anything)?

[8 min read] Burden of skin cancer in Australia | Prof David Wilkinson

burden dw

For a really useful, powerful and insightful overview of the situation with skin cancer in Australia, I recommend a new article published in the MJA to “celebrate” National Skin Cancer Action Week.

Case discussion: How would you treat this patient? [16 November]

Case discussion

In this week’s case discussion, we feature an interesting case from Dr Tim Aung: 45 year-old female Lesion noted during a skin check Please review the clinical and dermoscopic images below. What would you do, and why?

[WEBINAR] LED phototherapy in skin cancer, general dermatology and aesthetic medicine


Do you use LED phototherapy in your practice, or do you wish to utilise its full potential in treating a range of skin concerns? In this webinar, Skin Cancer and Aesthetic Medicine Doctor Di King shares how light emitting diode (LED) can be used to treat a range of common dermatological presentations, including acne, superficial skin […]

[12 min watch] Skin Cancer Update with Professor Giuseppe Argenziano | November 2020

In this month’s skin cancer update, the third of a four-part series, Professor Giuseppe Argenziano discusses diagnosing facial lesions, and explores the six benign features he recommends looking for – starting with pigmented and non-pigmented scales. Professor Argenziano also refers to real-life cases he has treated, including a woman in her forties with a solitary […]

[4 min watch] Most memorable skin cancer doctor story

After upskilling in different fields as a general practitioner, such as skin cancer, there can be many noticeable changes in work when applying new acquired knowledge. Our presenters are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to hear about, and often see, how their course alumni have since used their learnings to improve patient outcomes and […]

[2 min read] Correlation between vitamin D and melanoma risk and prognosis

vitamin d

It is well known that vitamin D can be effective in the prevention of skin cancer, but the synthesis of vitamin D requires ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which is a known risk factor for melanoma. A new study investigated the correlations between serum vitamin D levels and risk and prognosis of melanoma.


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