Simple Explanation on the Recent Medicare Changes

If you struggle to understand the latest changes in Medicare billing for skin services, please view the short video below with Dr Tony Dicker. The experienced skin cancer doctor provides a simple explanation on the key Medicare changes you need to be aware of and what they mean for your skin cancer practice.

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Case discussion: How would you treat this patient? [24 October]

Another great case from Dr David Smith. An 80-year-old gentleman gave a history of a “mole” being present as long as he could remember but becoming more raised and irregular as an adolescent. The recent change was noticed by the patient’s wife and hairdresser.

What do you make of the history and the clinical image?
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Recommended reading: A Practical Guide to Skin Cancer in Primary Care by Professor David Wilkinson and Paul Elmslie

Skin Cancer in Primary Care Book“Well, here it is. After teaching my foundations of skin cancer course with HealthCert for 10 years, and with almost 3000 alumni, Paul and I have finally written the book! Many, many doctors ask me “which is the best book for me?”. Well, if you are a mainstream GP, this is it – in my view.

We wrote this because, as far as we could see, there is no such book on the market. And, most patients with skin cancer are treated by GPs. And, it is not easy. The book is simple and straightforward. All evidence based, clear and basic one to keep on your desk.

I hope you like it.”


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Skin Cancer Medicine – Epidemiology

If you regularly encounter skin cancer patients in your practice, you might be interested to watch a short video with Dr Hamilton Ayres, an experienced doctor in skin cancer medicine. The video is the first part of a webinar he hosted for the UQ Skin Cancer Medicine alumni and will give you valuable and simple tips on how to approach your patients and the steps to take when you spot a suspicious lesion. Continue reading “Skin Cancer Medicine – Epidemiology”

Campaign Against Government Pathology Fee Cuts


The government has announced further fee cuts for healthcare services, and on this occasion with regards to pathology bulk billing, effective 1 July 2016. Over the last few years, the primary health care industry has suffered by a decrease in real payments due to frozen consult rebates, and for pathology this amounts to over 40 percent since 2000. Now, the government is introducing harmful pathology fee cuts. Continue reading “Campaign Against Government Pathology Fee Cuts”