Outdoor Workers at High Risk of Skin Cancer

More than two million outdoor workers are not being provided with any sun protection by their employers, according to the 2017 Skin Health Australia Report Card.

In a national population survey, 45 percent of respondents were required to work outdoors sometimes, regularly or all the time. Fifty-seven percent of these people said their employers did not supply sunscreen, while 66 percent did not supply protective clothing and 80 percent did not supply sunglasses.

Crucially, 28 percent of respondents working outdoors were not provided any protection at all by their employers.

Outdoor workers – such as landscapers, builders, farmers and delivery people – are at high-risk for developing skin cancer. They often receive five to ten times more UV radiation exposure than indoor workers.

Further, 12 percent of survey respondents had to miss work in the last year due to a skin condition, reflecting a real economic impact of skin disease and a good reason for employers to do more about their workers’ skin health.

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