Cutaneous Lymphomas: New Therapies in Development

Modern therapies for cutaneous lymphomas were a topic of discussion at the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology 2017 Congress, which was held in Geneva in September 2017.

Dr Emmanuella Guenova reviewed a number of new molecules in development, including:

  • IPH4102

This is a CD158K/KIR3DL2 inhibitor. It is a diagnostic and prognostic factor in cutaneous T cell lymphoma, and phase 1 trials have been completed showing some responses.

  • Mogamulizumab

This is a CCR4 inhibitor and phase 2 trials have been completed. In published results from phases 1 and 2 trials, an overall response rate of 37 percent was found. The molecule is already approved in Japan for adult T cell leukaemia/lymphoma.

  • Brentuximab

This is an anti-CD30 antibody. A phase 3 trial has been published with a 56.3 percent response rate. However, peripheral neuropathy was seen in 67 percent of patients and it was not always reversible.

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Guenova, E. (September 2017.) Modern therapies for cutaneous lymphomas. 26th EADV Congress 2017 Conference Review. Research Review. Page 4.

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